Saturday, August 7, 2010


I missed yesterday again, of course. I don't know how I got to be so bad at this, but I guess life is really catching up with me.

Anyway, yesterday we woke up early and headed to DTE for The Mayhem Festival. We got there at about 11am and immediately started drinking. We hung out in the parking lot until about 3pm and then headed into the festival. It was a completely sold out show so it was freaking PACKED.

We wandered around for a while, waiting in bathroom lines, watching wrestling, and of course watching the side stage bands. At about 5 or 6 we made our way to the lawn to pick a seat to watch the main event. It was pretty amazing, I'm not even going to lie. I had stopped drinking when we went into the venue so that I could drive home, so by the time Korn played we were all good to go. Brad and Holly slept the entire way home and I played Banana Pancakes over and over and sang while driving. It was a lovely time.

I couldn't fall asleep once we got here though because I've had a cold, and I think all the people mixed with the cold air on the hill made it 100 times worse. So needless to say I'm feeling pretty shitty today. It's not fun at all. I've basically laid around all day watching tv, it's been a good time.

Tomorrow Katelynn doesn't get off work until after 3 so we're probably going to get the rest of her stuff into the townhouse after that. We're moving on up in the world.

For now, I am going to read this book by Chris Payne and try not to think about how miserable I am.

See ya soon!


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