Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blue Melody


Today we lost one of the most influential writers in present history. JD Salinger passed away this morning in his New Hampshire home. I received the news while I was at the grocery store (in a small moment of feeling better) when I got a tweet from John Green on my phone saying Mr. Salinger passed away. It was definitely something very hard for me to swallow, hearing the author of two of my favorite books is gone forever.

As I walked through the isles it started to dawn on me that he is not gone forever, because he will live on through his books and stories until the day when not a single one exist. I don't think this should be a sad day, we haven't seen any new work from Salinger in 45 years and he lived until the ripe age of 91. He's done his work for us, so now we need to do our work for him, today we will celebrate his life, talk about his characters and be thankful he was alive in the first place.

I don't think when Salinger sat down to write "The Catcher in the Rye" he was thinking "Gee, today, I'm going to write something that will inspire people for years to come." But that's what he did, he has inspired thousands of writers all over the world, myself included. I honestly think that he is the reason we have a lot of the stories and authors that we do today.

Though he was reclusive and often found himself in the center of scandals, (John Lennon, anyone?) I truly believe the world would not be the same without JD Salinger being in it. We will miss him, but we will also cherish his work and hold it close to our hearts.

So, today readers and writers alike will mourn his death, but let's also celebrate his life, his work.

Rest in Peace JD Salinger, you will be missed.


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