Monday, January 18, 2010

Letter #2 - American People

This week I'm going to have a theme.

I made yesterday's blog a letter and while doing so I was reminded how much I love to write letters. So for the remainder of the week I will be addressing a letter to someone/something different each day. Here it goes:

Dear American People,

My dad had a flip calendar that gives quotes for every day of the year. He had this for as long as I can remember so I have taken it in and flip the pages every day to give myself a little inspiration and keep his tradition going.

Today I woke up, made my coffee and flipped the page to January 18th and read:

"Do more than exist ... live
touch ... feel
look ... observe
read ... absorb
hear ... listen..."

After reading that I sat here for a while mulling it over. It seems simple, right? Just take your senses and explore them deeper, be aware of your surroundings. The problem with that is most people just don't. They are so busy existing in their day to day lives that they don't find time to really live.

While I took a stand in the NBC debate, it boggles my mind that there are more people in the entire world talking about NBC, than there are people talking about Haiti. I love Conan O'Brian and I wish him all the luck in the world, but his contract is NOT what is important. 100,000 people died in that earthquake, thousands more are injured, helping them is the most important thing that we could do right now. Feel something for these people, observe what they're going through, listen to their pleas. Help them live.

The people of Haiti are not the only ones who need help though, there are people right here at home, on America soil, who are getting shafted and abused every single day. They need you to stand up and support them. There are so many ways to help, you don't have to have money, you can donate old clothes, food, blankets, basically anything. You can also vote, make sure you're registered, and updated on current events. I can not stress enough how important voting is, even in local elections. Knowing the ways you can contribute is the first step. Do research! Google things you don't know the meaning of, read the paper, watch the news. There are unlimited resources right at your finger tips.

There is always a way to help, just open your hearts and do it. You can make a difference.



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