Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Letter #4 - John Green

Dear John,

Last night a part of your Great Perhaps came to life. You became a father, there is now a tiny life that depends on you and Sarah to care for it, teach it, and make it into a fantastic little person. This isn't The Great Perhaps that Pudge was looking for and it may not be the one you were looking for, but it is here and I hope you completely embrace this new chapter in your life.

It's probably going to be the scariest thing you've ever been through but I know that you will succeed. At the end of every day you will be more satisfaction than you've ever felt before. Every award that you've won and every book that you've written will feel minuscule compared to the feeling of teaching your baby something new each day.

You are an inspiration to teenagers all around the world, we are all in your corner today. No words can express the emotions I'm sure you are feeling.

I wish you, Sarah and the newest member of your family the best of luck.



Okay, now that my letter of the day is done, let me just say that I am SO sick of writing letters. What the hell was I thinking when I decided to do an entire week of letter writing?! There are not THAT many good people to write letters to and I kind of feel like I'm just reaching now. I can't WAIT for this week to be over!!! I miss being funny!

Last night we had a bit of chaos around here, it definitely wasn't fun. I don't think any of us were sleeping until after 1am so I can feel that everyone is going to be in a terrific mood today. Can't wait! WOO HOO!!

Anyway, peace out for today. Hopefully I'll think of a fun letter for tomorrow, unless Barack Obama keeps talking about taxes and Republicans! Ugh!

Also I just need to add that John McCain is on my TV right now looking like he's having an epileptic fit. It makes me miss election season a little bit..


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