Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paying it Forward

Hey Guys!

I'm feeling inspired!

Today my sister read me a Facebook status. This guy she knows took his daughter to the Cony Island for breakfast and there was a colored lady sitting next to him. He said he smiled at her, she smiled back but no words were ever spoken. When he was ready to leave he asked the waitress for the bill and she said that the colored woman sitting next to them had already taken care of it.

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about people! YES! This story has restored my faith in humanity! I can not tell you how incredibly psyched and happy this makes me. That woman didn't know him or his daughter. She had absolutely no idea what kind of people they are, yet she took a leap and did something nice for them anyway. People like that woman are the kinds of people I would LOVE to replace the idiots I ranted about yesterday. There is nothing wrong with doing something good for a complete stranger.

Telling this story reminds me of one that my friend Preston told me the other day. It had been a long while since we've talked and we were just catching up. I don't remember how we got on the topic but he told me that he spent Christmas stranded with complete strangers. Of course I had to know more about this so after further prodding he told me that he was on his way to his grandparents house on Christmas when his truck got stuck in the snow. He started walking and the first house he came to, he knocked and they let him in. These people ended up giving him warm, dry clothes, Christmas dinner, and a place to sleep for the night until he could dig himself out the next day.

They took a chance too!! Preston could have been a murderer but all they saw was someone who needed help on Christmas. This is the ultimate definition of a good person. I know that I've been ranting about people lately, and I'm not trying to tell you what kind of person you should and shouldn't be. I would hope that your path in life is clear for you. You can either help, or not help. There isn't any in between here, there is no such thing as too little help from one person. If you can contribute in any way to humanity, whether it be a dollar to Haiti, buying someone's breakfast, or giving a pleasant young man a place to stay on Christmas, it is good enough for me. At least you are not sitting around not helping.

This is proof that Pay if Forward is real. That woman in the diner thought that she was just impacting the man's day when in reality it impacted my sister's too, and then mine, and now hopefully yours.

Here is what I'm asking, put yourself in different shoes today, you don't have to buy someone's meal or take in a stranger, just have a little empathy. I guarantee you that it will change your day.

Make it a good one...


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