Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Good Day -

I know I promised a family story today but we're going to have to save it for another day because there are a few things I want to talk about.

Hopefully by now most of you are aware that yesterday in Haiti there was a massive earthquake, the worst one they've seen in over 200 years. As of today there is no estimation of casualties but it's believed to be in the thousands.

This is very tragic and it hurts me to imagine what these people are going through. We can not stop tragedies of nature but we can help the people and places that they destroy. If you would like to help out, learn more or contribute in any way, please visit Everything counts, every thought, prayer and penny.

The second thing I feel like I need to say today is:


For my 16th birthday my sister Angie wrote me a song and one of the lines was "Your boobs are getting bigger/that much is clear/you're looking more like Conan than last year."

I kid you not, it would be Friday night and we would be at her house partying and what not and I would lock myself in the bedroom when Conan O'Brian came on (This was before I enjoyed the luxury of a DVR). She used to tell people I was in there with my boyfriend. I got heckled so much because of my love of Conan. I didn't care then and I do not care now.

So, this whole business with NBC, Conan and Jay is kind of getting under my skin. He waited six years to take over The Tonight Show so that he could host if for seven months? I really don't even see the point in moving everything around. Sure, Jay Leno's ratings suck and it's taking away from Local News ratings, but shouldn't that be ground to give the boot to Jay and not fuck Conan over? It's not a fair situation, I do not like it.

Even if Conan keeps good on his word and doesn't do The Tomorrow Show at 12:35 I will support my imaginary boyfriend in whatever he chooses to do. In fact I hope he doesn't do The Tonight Show tomorrow. He should stand up for what is right, and Jay Leno and NBC are not right!

Stand your ground CoCo.

Anyway, short post today. I have a lot to get done, plus I'm not making much sense anyway. I've had a lot of my secret frozen coffee beverages...

Hopefully tomorrow there won't be any earthquakes or boyfriend troubles and I can tell you about "The Bolles Harbor Bomber." Yeah, that's my family story.

One more thing - Tila Tequila is a sociopath and someone really needs to get her some help.


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