Thursday, January 21, 2010

Letter #5 - Jackson, Michigan

Dear Jackson, MI,

Today, I visited your downtown regions. It was not the first time that I graced you with my presence but it was the first time that I did when it was daylight and I wasn't completely wasted.

I saw many frightening things that, quite frankly, I do not ever want to see again. You are a complete eye sore and how anyone could proudly call you home, I do not know. I will give you credit for the beautiful architecture on your houses and buildings, however you made a huge mistake with the paint jobs. I've never seen so many houses with such obnoxious color schemes. I thought about taking pictures but then decided I didn't want to put such garbage on my poor blog. It doesn't deserve it.

Jackson, what I really need to know is why you think it's okay to let your residence still have up Christmas lights and "Marry X-Mas" spray painted on the windows of houses. Yes, "Marry." It's January 21st, Christmas has been over for a very, very long time. This is not acceptable.

Now, I could be being bias because of my previous trip to Jackson. The first time I visited I was with a friend. We found ourselves parked at a house on the scariest street I've ever encountered. Broken widows on houses, shots in the distance, the works. Then I broke my ankle on some steps and the home owner was a complete bitch about it. That's when I realized that not only am I not a fan on the city it self, but I also have never met anyone from Jackson that I liked, and could have a normal conversation with. This could possibly be because your public high school had a 28.5% drop out rate in 2006. That's lovely. There isn't a single school in Detroit that has a drop out rate even CLOSE to that high.

I guess what I'm trying to say here Jackson, is that you completely suck. I kind of hate you, and wouldn't be upset if I never had to visit you again.

You know it's sad when you make Detroit look good. Clean up your filthy streets!

Hoping that you spontaneously combust,

P.S Blog Readers -
I have to mention that I have a deep rooted love for Detroit. I would most definitely live in Detroit over many cities any day. I just used it as an example because it gets a bad wrap.

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