Monday, March 8, 2010



I'm irritated! Freaking Danny Gokey is going to be at The Diamondback Saloon tonight and I'm trying to win tickets. I am a Danny fan, but I am not exactly a country music enthusiast (I'm not talking to you Corey Smith.) The problem with those two things is that he, for some fucked reason, has started singing country, and the Diamondback is a country bar, AND the only way to get tickets is to listen to a country station and call in when they say. It sucks big time, I just want to listen to Bright Eyes and be angsty today. My irritation is also being fueled by the fact that people tend to still think I am 10 years old. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I need people to look out for me, but usually I don't. I don't understand why people take shit so literal. It's so annoying and it makes me want to cut down trees.

I honestly think country music just pisses me off, I wouldn't be so aggravated if I wasn't listening to DIXIE LAND DELIGHT right now, seriously, fuck my life.

In good news, it's 50 degrees outside today, which makes me pretty excited. I'm hoping that the hose has thawed out so that I can add water to the hot tub, it desperately needs it. What I REALLY want to do today though is drive. Driving is my favorite thing to do when the weather is like this. I can just turn GOOD music up loud, roll down the windows and go. I love being lost in my thoughts and it's been way too long since I've been able to do that. I need my car to be drivable, so I can start doing things with life, random driving included. I love my family, but sometimes it's good to just go. I don't know...

I'll let you know how the Danny Gokey ticket situation goes, if I manage to not shove forks in my ears in the next few hours.



  1. I blame Danny for my listening to country. After a while you do get used to it.

  2. Faith, I'm a classical musician and I understand your pain. Believe me though, it'll be worth it all when you get to hear Danny live. I heard him at the Phoenix show and was fortunate enough to be one of the few that got a chance to meet him and get one of the famous Danny hugs. Hang in there, you won't regret it. :)

  3. Well, I definitely didn't get to go. They had a full house basically by the time the doors opened. So I listened to all that horrible country music for nothing! Oh well, maybe next time! :)