Monday, February 1, 2010



Today my niece Hannah and I were talking about science when I realized that I couldn't remember who my 11th grade science teacher was. It started driving me completely INSANE so I went downstairs and found my 10th grade yearbook so I could scan the facility section. When I found him (Mr. Nichols for the curious) I started flipping through the signatures. In the very back, right in the center all by it self I saw my dads slanted, lefty handwriting. It said:

"Faith, Life is a series of disappointments, but press on regardless! Love you forever, Dad-Man 6-8-2005"

Of course I immediately started crying, but once the tears stopped I realized that I have never had such good advice given to me. Even though he wrote that message nearly five years ago, I can't help but feel it was a message from beyond the grave. My 16 year old self let my dad sign my yearbook. That just simply doesn't happen. It makes me wonder if he knew this might be the greatest advice he would ever give me.

Just when I was on the brink of tossing in the towel and not trying anymore, he tells me to push on regardless of what has happened. I don't necessarily think that he knew I would need that advice some day or that I would ever actually come to a point where I'm just tired of being disappointed and sad. I think he was just trying to be inspirational. I do actually remember him saying "Life is a series of disappointments" a few times but I had never heard him add on the last part.

My dad was just trying to be part of me, he wanted to sign my high school yearbook with something for people to look at later and think, "That Ollie, he was such a wise man." What he didn't know is that I thought that every day. He didn't have to try and be inspirational, wise, or witty around me because I just simply thought he was.

Those words are in the past, as is my dad. It's now my goal to make sure they both live on. I will keep pushing through the disappointments, and I will let my dad live through me. As long as I am here, he is here.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."


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  1. What a Wonderful Gift your Dad left you!!