Friday, July 2, 2010

BIG Plans


It's Friday, and Katelynn and I are sitting on the wrap around reading books and listening to Criminal Mind. WE.ARE.AWESOME.

In our defense, Katelynn has to work at 7am tomorrow morning, and I will be drinking for the next two days straight, so I figured not drinking and relaxing tonight would be a good plan. Plus Criminal Minds is AWESOME.

Also, we were just down stairs looking through my books and I found a Webster's Pocket Quotation Dictionary. That made me pretty excited. I am obviously going to carry it around with me in my purse and randomly read people quotes while I'm in a drunken stupor. It should be good times.

As for tomorrow, Katelynn gets off work at 3pm so we'll probably get ready and head down to Monroe. We have plans to chill by Brad's pool for a little while and then head over to Tony and Denise's house. We plan on getting ridiculously wasted and pitching a tent in the back yard so we can read drunken ghost stories by flashlight. Don't be jealous.

I'll be back tomorrow before 3pm, as long as I really, really don't forget.

See ya,

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