Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tatted Up

Hey, hey!

So, I was just looking through Twitter and E! tweeted something about Brody Jenner tattooing Avril Lavigne's name on his arm. I had read this a few days ago on Pink is the New Blog but didn't really think about it until now. Only difference is when I read it on PITNB there were ALSO photos of Brody's name on Avril's rib cage.

Listen, all I really need to say about this is WHAT THE FUCK?? Are they retarded? Sure, they think they love each other but how in love could they really be. Didn't Avril get divorced from Derek from Sum 41 like four hours ago or something? They can not possibly be that much in love that they know they're going to be together forever. WHAT is it with these damn reality stars being idiots. I'm pretty sure Nick Zano and Kristin Cavallari had each other's initials tattooed on their hands and where are they now? Well I don't know because they're pretty insignificant in Hollywood - but they are SURLY not dating anymore.

People, don't be fucking ridiculous. There is no such thing as people being made for each other. The chances are HIGH that you're going to eventually break up and then you'll be stuck with a shitty tattoo in the shape of a shitty name. Oh, and no I do not want to hear your pleas that you KNOW you're made to be with your current flame. I will laugh at you and probably make fun of you for many days. I don't believe in any of your relationships. Chances are your girlfriend is giving a trucker a blow job and your boyfriend is paying a hooker this very second. Give it up. Your relationship is NOT perfect.

So listen, just save yourself the money and the pain of a cover up or laser burn and JUST DON'T DO IT. Especially if you're a broke ass.

That's my two cents for the day. You better listen to it because I'm not going to feel sorry for you when you want me to take you to Kyle to see how well he'll be able to cover up "Chester" on your neck.

Stupid fucks,

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