Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Switching Things Up.

Hey people!

This MIGHT be my last post on Blogger. My blog is being converted over to Posterous right now and I figure I can test it out tomorrow and see how much I enjoy it. The good thing about this is that there won't be any changes to this particular location so if it doesn't go over the way I want it to, no biggie!

I know for sure that I like the site. I tested it out with a photo of Jayden and it was so ridiculously easy that I couldn't NOT try to blog on it. Parker had a fantastic hunch with that one. I'm pretty excited to see how it all turns out. It makes me actually want to blog again. Hurray!

Aside from blog converting today I did my basic house duties, hung out with Autumn and finished that "Captivate" book I mentioned earlier this week. It was kind of disappointing. It left off at a RIDICULOUS point and now I'm pissed that I have to wait for like, two years to read the next one. Blasphemy, I tell you! Also I've been feeling like of feverish all day. If I knew how menopause felt I would describe my hot flashes and sickey feelings like that. I don't know, I'm sure it'll pass.

Anyway, I am once again in the mist of cooking dinner so I should probably make this a short one. Not to mention that I once again have nothing to talk about. Oh well.

See ya tomorrow!

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