Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jail Bird


Today has been filled with a WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING.

I watched a bunch of TV and made a couple pizzas. That is basically all that happened. I didn't get the call for my new job that I was expecting which is irritating me pretty badly. I'm going to have to start looking else where if something doesn't happen with it soon. I can't wait around too much longer.

As for good things going on in the world - Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. She is such a freaking idiot that she couldn't handle not violating her probation restrictions. So the silly little bitch has to turn herself into the jail by July 20th to serve 90 days, and then 90 more days in an inpatient rehab center. SUCKS.

She needs it though, so hopefully it will straighten her out.

Aside from that good news, this is about all I've got today. SO, I suppose I'll see you tomorrow!


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