Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Switch, or Not to Switch?

I have the blog switched over.

I just haven't decided if I like the way it looks yet. It's all kind of simple and not exactly what I expected. Chances are I will still keep this blog as my project but use the other one through out the day and week to post random things that are not exactly blogging material.

We'll see though, I haven't completely decided.

So anyway, today has been chill. I did laundry, watched a movie and basically just hung out with myself. Now I'm drinking a beer because I'm stressed. Poor Katelynn is stranded in Perrysburg at a gas station because her car blew up. Of course it had to be an hour and a half away from everyone she knows. Her parents are on their way down there now to save her, but she probably won't be home tonight, boo.

But yeah, I just wanted to fit this blog in real quick while the other house residents are on a smoke break. They're watching a movie and I don't want my typing to bug them.

I'll be back tomorrow, whether it be here, or on Posterous - I do not know!

See you then!

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