Friday, July 9, 2010

Race to the Polls

Hiiiiiii hello!

Today I've mostly just been doing some research. The Michigan primaries are in a few weeks here and I still haven't decided who I'm willing to let be our new governor. Not only do I have to think about governors I have to think about county commissioners. Bill Emmerich has been knock, knockin' on my door along with Richard Deitering. I made the mistake of accidentally rolling my eyes at Emmerich last week. He stopped mid sentence and started rolling into facts about how he is a VERY liberal Republican.

It was hilarious. If I didn't know better I would have given him my vote for just that. Always the campaigner.

As of right now I am torn between Mike Cox and Virg Bernero. I'll probably end up going with Bernero though simply because he's the liberal out of the bunch. We'll see, I have a lot more to learn and several weeks to change my mind.

If anyone has two cents they want to throw my way about the governor race feel free to throw it my way!

Happy Friday everyone! See ya tomorrow!


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