Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All Right.

Hey, hey!

I think the interview went pretty good today. The interviewer seemed nice enough, she didn't seem as thrilled to be there as I was, but she was doing 10 interviews today. I guess I don't blame her.

After that was over I headed back to Huron Heights and watched Holly work for awhile before coming home, getting Autumn off the bus and CRASHING. I don't know if it was the interview or the fact that Hannah has been waking me up every morning by not shutting the alarm off before she leaves the house, but I was EXHAUSTED. I actually just woke up, it's almost 7pm and I got Autumn off the bus at 4:15pm. LAZY.

Right now I'm trying to convince Auttie to tell me what she wants to have for dinner, and not getting any responses. Holly and Hannah went out dress shopping because Hannah has her 8th grade Farewell Dance on Thursday. It's pretty exciting.

Anyway, hopefully Katelynn's brother fixes her car soon so we can go out job hunting some more. I mean this woman today did have nine other options. So I better keep looking...

Until tomorrow,

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