Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Choice

Last night was INSANE.

There were basically tornadoes EVERYWHERE. Needless to say I was totally freaked out and didn't hardly get any sleep. Luckily everyone and everything that I know is safe and sound.

I did end up sleeping in pretty late though, but only because I went to bed super late. I woke up about 10:30am and went to the grocery store. It was a boring event.

When I returned Holly was up and about saying my brother Ollie was coming up here with his son to fix Angie's car. So we decided to gather the ingredients to make home made pizza and we headed to Angie's house. After the pizza was made Holly and I sat around watching The Lovely Bones while everyone else ran around being crazy.

Once we got home, I checked the messages only to find out that I got a call from the job I had been hoping to get. I've applied for about a million of them but this one was my number one choice. Unfortunately the place was already closed so I'll have to call again tomorrow and we'll see how it goes from there. I'll keep you all updated. Katelynn, Chris and I should be roomies in no time. Hurray!

Right now we're just waiting for Hannah to get home, and I'm filling out another application, then we're going to watch Valentine's Day.

Wish me luck in the morning with my phone call!

See ya!

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