Friday, June 18, 2010



Today was STRESSFUL.

I woke up against my will at like 6:30am to go to work with Holly so I could take Autumn to get a present for her friend's birthday party. After that I went back to the office and Katelynn showed up. We sat around there for a while before coming home, having some lunch and then TRYING to head over to State Street to get some business taken care of. The high way was CRAZY backed up and it was HOT and miserable.

Once we FINALLY made it there we went into the place and realized that it was going to take way longer than we had. So we ended up having to leave which made our ridiculously long trip POINTLESS.

So we somehow managed to get home, and then Katelynn, Holly and I took Autumn to a birthday party then went and did a little bit of shopping.

Now we're just hear eating some dinner and waiting on the thunderstorms. Wooooo! Awesome

I'm going to get this posted before the power decides to go out, they're already flickering on and off.

I'll be back tomorrow.

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