Thursday, June 3, 2010



Today was basically yesterday reincarnated. Nearly all the same things happened. Katelynn and I got up and prepared to do some more job hunting only to discovered a STILL broken break line.

So her step dad and her mom made it up here about 5pm and didn't end up leaving until 9:15ish. The car is still screwed but they did take Katelynn home with her, just short of our week mark of 24/7 togetherness. Hahaha!

I'm sure I will probably see her again tomorrow though because her car is still sitting in my driveway and it's gotta get fixed somehow.

Tomorrow I'll probably do some more job hunting, though I can hardly think of anywhere else to apply.

Something will come around, I'm sure of it. I have a feeling it'll be a meant to be.

I'm going to clean up around the house some more though and sleep in my bed for the first time in six days. Woo!

See ya tomorrow,

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