Sunday, June 20, 2010



It's been a pretty crazy weekend, and yes I am aware that I forgot to blog yesterday but I will make up for it later in the week and blog twice or something.

It'll all be all right.

Yesterday we went to Monroe for my cousin's graduation party which ended up consisting of me, Katelynn, my cousin, the people who live in his house, my brother Ollie and my cousin Nick. Awesome.

So we hopped out of there and went over to the Court that holds Tony's and Ollie's houses.

Chas ended up being there which was a very exiting and pleasant surprise for me. We hung out there for a while, drank beers and Nick and I played infinite games of one on one flip cup. At about 2am I was wasted and Katelynn was tired so we went back to her house and slept.

This morning we headed back to my house, then over to my Gram's house to eat some breakfast for Hannah's birthday. Once that was all done and over we went over to Brad's and had a little pool party get together for Hannah's birthday. It was a pretty good time, but Katelynn and I are both super burnt.

Fun times.

It other news, tomorrow I had a job interview with a pretty high playing place, that I am a mixture of scared and excited about. We'll see how it goes.

Wish me luck!

Also wish Katelynn luck in controlling her crazy dog tonight. Hahaha

Peace out,

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