Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Near Life Experience


Today was INSANE.

Katelynn and I woke up and decided to job hunt so that we can stop showing up at random barbecues and pulling the "I'm unemployed so I'm here for free food" card. It seems to be working but it might be nice to not have to use it. The horrible thing is that this weekend was not even worth being unemployed.

But, we both need to find something soon so we can move into the townhouse and you know, actually be able to pay rent. So if any of you know of any employment opportunity, let us know. We'll be looking all week, at the end of the week I'll probably just accept whatever comes my way since the gas and electric is already in my name at the townhouse. So, something has gotta happen.

Anyway, the highlight of the day is when we were driving back to the house to get Autumn off the bus. I had taken the highway and after being stuck in a construction traffic jam for way longer than was even tolerable, we finally got onto I-94 only to almost die. There was a semi tire in the road and everyone started slamming on their breaks. I went to stop and apparently I was going too fast (70mph, SPEED LIMIT) and the breaks just sunk to the floor. They did stop however, but just in time. I have NEVER been more freaked out in my whole life. I definitely had to pull off onto Haggerdy Road and have Katelynn drive. I was completely frazzled. We made it back to my house just fine, but we had to be careful. Brad took a look at it when he came over and it turns out that there wasn't any break fluid in Katelynn's car but it just so happened that I had some in the trunk of my car, and everything was fine.

"All was well."

Right now Katelynn, Holly, Autumn and I are looking through movies to watch. They have some stupid one on right now but I'm about to make them turn it off and turn on something more awesome.

I'll be back tomorrow,

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