Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unexpected Babysitter

Hey, hey, hey!

I have absolutely nothing to talk about today. I woke up from a crazy dream that President Obama was babysitting Autumn and taking her out to breakfast. It was kind of cool actually, but once I was awake nothing else exciting happened. My day basically consisted of babysitting a kid who didn't want to listen to me, cutting up watermelon, doing laundry and reading books.


On top of it that adorable little Lucas kid is beating Autumn by almost 20 votes in the Dave Lamarand contest, so THAT sucks. I honestly can not think of anyone else who I could possibly get to vote for her. Bummer.

As for tonight Autumn and I have a Toy Story marathon planned which should be pretty fun, but it could also be reaaally lame.

I am looking forward to tomorrow though because I THINK I'll get to see Katelynn, if all goes well. Hurray!! We'll see!

I'll be back tomorrow,

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