Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost Done.

This blog is coming so late for two reasons.

The first being that Holly and I have been in the basement cleaning and painting for hours upon hours. The second being that I still really just don't want to blog.

The basement IS looking pretty awesome though. I switched out my sheets to a different color to match the new set up that I have going on with my side. Katelynn's side is all cleared out too we just need to find her a boxspring and mattress. I'm sure we'll be able to find one tomorrow and it'll all be set. So aside from the few loads of laundry, random trash and an overflowing miscellaneous sock bin, everything is becoming pretty fantastic down there.

I'm excited.

For now though, Katelynn is home from work and I want to show her all the awesome things that are happening in the new basement.

I'm coming back tomorrow, don't worry.


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