Saturday, June 12, 2010


Okay -

So last night Kateylnn and I went out to her house after we did a bout of babysitting for my sister Angie. We watched a movie and went right to sleep only to wake up at 7 to be back at my house for Autumn's dance recital.

We got here, showered, and got ready to leave only to realize that we had lost the tickets. So Holly left with out Katelynn and myself only to call us a few minutes later and tell us that Autumn's dad had some extra tickets. So we hopped into Katelynn's car and away we went. Nothing could stop us now.

Except a giant handicap van.

Some woman in front of us slammed on her breaks because she wasn't paying attention so then Katelynn had to slam on her breaks too, only thing is - they didn't really work.

Then we crashed into the giant handicap van. The airbags flew out, the radio flew out, but we did not. I don't know what happened but something smashed out the windshield and everyone thought it was my head. My head seems to be intact even if we're a little bit sore.

Everyone was okay, even the lady in front of us who didn't even check on her handicap child was fine, she was only worried about her wig falling off. Crazy biatch.

So here we are, towed back to the house, car totaled.


I'm not sure where everything is going to go from here but I'm trying to convince Katelynn to go to Maybee Night with me tonight and just relax.

I'm going to take a note out of Stupid JK Rowling's book and just assume that all will be well.

I'll be back tomorrow people, probably in a lot more pain than I am now.


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