Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day


Today was pretty all right.

Katelynn and I spent lots of time watching True Blood last night, passed out and woke up about to die from heat exhaustion.

After everyone got showered we were getting ready to leave when some stupid crazy thunder storms started and the weather channel started telling us that they might threaten LIFE.

So once the life threatening storm was over we headed to Brad's house for some Memorial Day BBQing. It was a lot of fun, and we hung out for a while even though it was basically raining cats and dogs. At about 9ish we decided to come back to the house, and we've kind of just been chilling telling life stories since then.

I thought about writing a big long "Oh, we love our Vets" post but by the time I even thought to blog it was late. I only have 30 minutes left in this day to post so there's not time for any of that jazz.

But - I am grateful for the troops, and vets and so on and what not.

I hope everyone had an AWESOME Memorial Day weekend.

See ya tomorrow,

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