Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's My Story


I fucking suck, I suck so much.

Yesterday Katelynn invited me to go see Hundredth, World We Knew and A Textbook Tragedy, and Continuance. I was very excited about this, because it had been a long time since I've seen a concert, or left Ypsi for that matter.

So I found out I was going to go at like, 1:30ish. I jumped in the shower, got ready, and waited. I was done by 5pm, I didn't leave my house until 6:30pm. I had PLENTY of time to blog, and I was just so damn excited, that I forgot. I feel really weird about it too.

So we ended up getting to the show a little late, but it was still worth it because we at least got to see A Textbook Tragedy, Hundredth, and part of World We Knew AND I'm pretty sure that everyone I've ever known in my whole life was there. I got punched in the head so many times, and I loved it. They're playing again tonight at The Modern Exchange and I REALLY want to go.

So anyway, when the show was over us girls headed to Meijer, and I bought alcohol for the first time in my adult life. Then we headed over to Mike's house and SURPRISE, A Textbook Tragedy, and Continuance was there, along with everyone else that I've ever known in my entire life.

So we mingled with bands, and friends of high schools past, I watched many games of failed flip cup, and drank a lot of things I usually wouldn't. It-was-a-blast. I also learned how to throw a punch the right way without breaking my knuckles. I don't know why they were teaching me this, since I clearly have never hit anyone, nor do I plan to hit anyone. But, I guess it's good to know.

At about 4am I started talking about how I have to be at home by 7am to get Autumn on the bus and go into the office. That's about the time we agreed we should probably go get some sleep. Originally we were on our way to Hilary's house to go to sleep, and she was driving because she hadn't been drinking, but half way there we decided it would be better for everyone if I just went home then. That way we could all sleep a little longer in the morning.

When we were about 25 minutes from my house, at 4:15 in the morning, I realized that I had failed. I didn't blog. So then I was just in the back seat yelling "NOOOOOOO!" and when I told Katelynn my issue, I think she was just as disappointed as I was. So when I got home, because my fingers were not working properly from the alcohol intake, I penned the few lines that I could, that you now see below this post.

But here's my catch, I DID write, and I DID write before I went to sleep. So for me, it was still technically the same day. That's my cop out and I'm sticking to it.

Today, I DID wake up at 7:37am to get Autumn on the bus, but then I didn't even bother going into the office, and I just went back to sleep because I felt like Hell frozen over. I finally just got up at about 1:30pm and I guess now I'm going to try and get my day started. I have a few things I need to do and the girls are going to be home soon, so I should get to them, and get rid of this awful hang over. Hopefully tonight I can make it to The Modern Exchange and see the bands play again and get hit in the head some more, we'll see though.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. I dont know who mike is, but it wasnt his house that we went to lol.. or maybe he lives there now too idk but that made me laugh.
    <3 Hil

    ps. this is the first time i am reading your blog and so far its awesome.