Monday, April 5, 2010

Detroit's Opening Day!

Today is Tiger's Opening Day! Baseball season has officially started bitches! I'm so excited! They're playing KC Royals and the game started off pretty good, but it's now 1-2 - Royals which is kind of annoying. It's whatever though, we're only in inning four. I'm sure it'll all turn out in Detroit's favor.

Besides baseball making me entire day, it hasn't been so bad actually. Considering I woke up with a cold and unconsciously blew my nose on a shirt laying on my floor in the middle of the night, I'd say things are going well. The weather has been beautiful so I've kind of forgot all about my untimely sickness. I've just been cleaning up around the house, and cleaned out a few more closets in the process. I found a pair of Ed Hardy flip flops, which I thought was hilarious. I wasn't aware I live with anyone who attended The Tool Academy. Hah

So right now I'm just experimenting with Easter leftovers, hoping to have my Alexander Graham Bell Food Moment. We'll see how it goes, but it's usually not a good outcome when I experiment. I've failed so big, so many times. Hopefully the girls are not really hungry today.

Anyway, the kids that Hannah babysits just arrived, so I guess I better get off here and stay out of the way. Not to mention I have a baseball game to watch.

I'll be back tomorrow - just one day before I won't have any cool birthdays to look forward to.

See ya!

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