Friday, April 16, 2010

Emotional Rescue


I'm exhausted. I know it's Friday and I should be excited to do something fun, but I'm really not. I basically had a very rare emotional breakdown today and it sort of drained any energy I had left.

I did end up making some stuffed shells for dinner, and people to munch on since I believe there's going to be a movie night tonight. I kind of hope not though, I'd rather just crawl into bed and sleep for the whole night since tomorrow is going to be a pretty big day. Autumn's first communion is on Sunday and we have to prepare a little breakfast buffet and bake her cake. It's definitely going to be fun, it a LOT of work. It's worth it, she deserves to have a party in her precious little honor.

So, as of right now I plan to shower and put on my jammies. If anyone has anything good going on that would be worthy of me getting dressed and venturing away from the house for, let me know and I just might do it.

For now, I'll see you tomorrow.

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