Monday, April 19, 2010

Babies and Prayers

I've got two things going on in my head today.

Thing #1: Baby Fever -

I don't know what my deal is, obviously I know having a baby is illogical. I mean, I don't have anyone to have a baby with, and I'm not financially responsible enough to take care of a baby. I keep thinking that I've turned into one of those 14 year old girls who have daddy issues and purposely get pregnant just so they have someone to love them unconditionally. I've seriously gone that crazy. Of course I'd never act on my baby fever, I'm not that stupid. I just have this need to care for something that needs me. I care for people all the time but none of them REALLY need me, I don't know. It's weird. I was in church yesterday and this lady came up to my grandma with a tiny baby in her arms, it was her granddaughter that she has custody of or something, and I was SO jealous of her. I think someone probably needs to just lend me a baby so I can get it out of my system. This is something that probably needs to pass quickly. So, find me a baby.

Think #2: National Day of Prayer -

I've been reading a LOT of Facebook status updates that are saying thinks about how President Obama had no problem supporting the Islam Day of Prayer that happened on September 25th, 2009 yet he's cancelling the National Day of Prayer for Christians. Firstly, let me say that The Islam Day of Prayer WAS held on Capitol Hill, but it was INDEPENDENTLY funded. President Obama did NOT have anything to do with this day of prayer, nor did any other members of the United States Government. It wasn't funded or supported by anyone besides an independent Islamic group. Just because it was held in on Capitol Hill doesn't mean it was President Obama's idea or that it was supported by him. He is NOT a terrorist, and he is NOT out to get you.

NOW, about this Christian Nation Day of Prayer. To have any kind of nationally recognized holiday based on a religion is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. You see, there is this little thing called Separation of Church and State and because of this, the government doesn't get to tell people when to pray, and they certainly don't get to tell people to pray to a Christian God. Sure, President George W. Bush supported this "holiday" but that shouldn't be surprising. There wasn't much that man did the right way. The government can not support a holiday of this nature without breaking the Constitution. But, my friends, don't blame President Obama for this, if you must pick a fight take it out on Judge Barbra Crabb, for it was her ruling that the National Day of Prayer no longer be national because of it's unconstitutional nature. To hear people say that President Obama stood behind a "Muslim Day of Prayer" but is not allowing the Christan Day of Prayer INFURIATES me because neither of these claims are true. We are still celebrating a Christan Day of Prayer, on the same day and in the same place as always, it's just not going to be called "National" and members of the US government have the option to attend or not attend.

It's simple as that folks, check your facts before you go shooting off at the mouth, or the Facebook status update.

Now, I'm going to stop ranting, and do something productive with my day. Go read a book and get some knowledge.


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