Friday, April 30, 2010



Today was beautiful. I went into the office for a while, took off my pants, went grocery shopping, blasted "I miss you" by Blink 182 with the woofers on in the car (because I am a REALLY cool white girl,) went back to the office, and all around had a pretty amazing day. The only bad part is that I got a sun burn on one side of my body from sitting in traffic on Whittaker Road.

When we got home, Holly and I rearranged her room, she's still up there putting things back where they belong, and I am once again, burning chicken on the George Foreman. I don't get it, I'm sort of a good cook (despite what Grammy says) but I just can not perfect the art or George Foreman grilling. It makes me crazy.

Someday, I will get it.

Anyway, dinner is now done and I have a lot more cleaning to do, plus I think I'll rearrange my own room.

See ya tomorrow,

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