Friday, February 5, 2010


Oh my God!

I almost just failed at life! I've had a really long day of shopping, money copying and eye brow waxing! I was just about to leave for a friends birthday party when I realized I didn't blog yet!!!

So I'm kind of in a hurry! Angie just made a penis shaped cake and when Autumn asked about it we had to say it was an arrow cake hahah! The party should be pretty fun, we're doing the pure romance thing and then we're all going to drink and have a good time once it's over.

Anyway, tomorrow I will post pictures, penis cake included. Since I've pregamed it already I probably shouldn't even be writing. Drunk girls writing is a terrible thing.

I'll see ya'll tomorrow with pictures of dildos, pocket rockets and penis cakes. Hurray!!

Happy Friday dearies!! Sorry for my almost fail.


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