Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Old.

I've officially become an old person.

This is kind of devastating. I know I've always said that I am far older than my years but today I realized it when I was looking at a flower book going over what might look nice to plant in the yard this spring. Then I thought about how I was getting excited about bathroom decorations and new living room furniture. I mean WHO does that at twenty years old?

I have got to go out and hang with some 19 year old or a something, this is simply not acceptable. I used to be fun and crazy, now I'm plain and boring. Someone bring a little Wild'n'Out in my life!!!!!!

On a completely unrelated note, it has been snowing steadily for about 12 hours and it doesn't plan on stopping until very early Thursday morning. We are getting HAMMERED (HAMMER TIME!) For some odd reason Lincoln isn't closed yet, but the roads are really bad so I suppose it's only a matter of time. I'll be pretty ticked if the girls do have school, I have big plans to make them help me clean the basement, move around furniture, and shovel our way out of the house. I'd hate to have to do all those old lady things by myself. Hah!

It's funny. I had a big, long blog rant planned for today about people being nosy and butting in where they don't belong. I decided to get a few things done around the house before I blogged and I'm glad I waited. I would have just cussed a whole lot and said a lot of stupid things that I'd be mad at myself for later. It made me realize that waiting it out, and thinking before speaking is probably my best quality. Don't get me wrong, on occasions I have mouth (or finger) diarrhea but for the most part I think I do well with not saying stupid shit. It could quite possibly be my only redeeming quality. How lucky for the people who piss me off, how unlucky for everyone else.

Maybe tomorrow I will take a double dose of finger laxatives and rip some asshat apart. Just maybe.

Until then...

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