Monday, February 15, 2010

Zantac?! WTF?


Last night I got to the hospital and they drew some blood, from both arms (bitches) and then I sat in the waiting room for three damn hours. After that I was more mad than I was in pain so I found some nurse and made her take the IV out of my arm and I left. I had made a plan to call a family doctor today and just go in there. So I wake up today and I call the doctor I went to growing up first. I was informed that he wasn't in the office today, I owe him $65, and he doesn't accept my insurance. So then Holly calls a few places and gets me an appointment for Wednesday. We still decide to go into an Urgent Care though, so we headed to one in Canton. I got in immediately, gave a urine sample, then about three hours later they gave me some medicine that made my whole mouth and throat go numb, and some pepcid, and took some blood. The medications didn't work at all in making the pain in my stomach go away but it did make me extremely sleepy. After about two more hours, two blunt force sledding accidents, and several drug addicts later, they came back with my blood and urine test. Everything was normal, no liver, kidney, or gallbladder issues, so good old Doc wrote me a prescription for Zantac and the weird numbing medicine I mentioned previously. Also, he said I can't eat anything for 24 hours, and that for a couple days I need to eat only rice, apples, and bland toast. Bland, bland, bland!

I think he's completely full of shit, and I think even the nurse thought so too. I am going to follow his instructions on the off chance that he knew what he was talking about. Hopefully if I'm not feeling better by Wednesday the new doctor will know what's going on.

In the meantime I have big plans to try and not move much, and look into getting back into school. I'm too bored to not go to school and it's definitely not working out the way I thought it would.

Anyway, it's medicine time so I'll catch ya tomorrow.

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