Friday, February 26, 2010



Has anyone noticed that for the last week or so I've completely stopped proof reading. I've gotten to a point where I still force myself to write, but I only do it so that I won't fail. People have told me there would be times where I just don't want to write at all, but that I just have to push through it. So hear I am, day 51 and I'm dragging ass. I'm irritated and on the verge of snapping. For the last two hours all that I've heard is my seven year old niece CONTINUOUSLY screaming, yelping, jumping, smacking the dog, growling, and whatever other noise she can make to get on my nerves. Can you imagine trying to write when you don't want to and having to listen to that crap? I mean I can't yell at her because I love her and know she is just an oddly hyper little girl, not that yelling out make her stop anyway. I swear I am on the verge of locking the dog outside for the rest of the day.

Anyway, in the 10 minutes since I wrote that beginning paragraph she has somehow transformed into Angel Autumn and is quietly eating cookies and milk on the bar stool. She must have sensed my irritation. I mean honestly it's probably just me. Normally I would be able to deal with what she was doing but not lately. I've been completely on edge and pissed off for days. Usually I have no trouble at all coming up with things to talk about but it seems that day in and day out on the blog I'm just chattering away about what goes on in my life. THAT.IS.BORING. Trust me, I know, I live it daily. So, I do want to apologize for being a lame ass on the blog lately, and for not proof reading anything. I'd also like to say I'm sorry for this completely bi polar post. Hopefully now that I've laid out my frustrations (even though I still don't really know what's causing them) I'll be able to get back to myself and be passionate and funny again.


We'll see what tomorrow brings..


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