Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile and Tsunamis


Complete devastation. I turned on the news this morning to hear the news of another earthquake. This time the country of Chile has hit with an 8.8 earthquake that set off massive tsunami warnings all across the Pacific coast. As of right now most of the tsunami warnings have been canceled. I believe the only places still under warning are Russia and Japan. There were several small tsunami waves that hit all over but it doesn't seem like anything caused much damage besides the earthquake it self. From what I've heard there is a death toll of 247 right now. I'm so relieved that the number isn't as high as I would have expected with an earthquake this size. Chile is still assessing it's damages and they don't seem to be sure how bad of an impact the quake had on them yet. I can only hope that the death toll does not keep rising, the world has had enough loss in the past few months. I feel deeply for the people of Chile and I hope that as much help can get to them as quickly as possible. I also hope that people don't forget that Haiti still needs our help, we need to split our resources appropriately. Both countries still desperately need help.

I spent most of the day watching CNN and crying, it's really a tough thing to handle and I can't imagine being in such a situation. I had to go to church at 6 to see my niece take the first step to her first communion, so even though I'm not a terribly religious person, I took the opportunity to pray for the world, Chile and Haiti in particular. I spend most of the last five years of my life rebelling against the idea of God and though I still have problems fully accepting Him, I do know that I feel better when I attend Church. I've gone twice in the last several months, the first time on Christmas and the second time tonight. Both times were refreshing, and it made me feel closer to my Aunt Kathy. She is the greatest person I know, and I feel like I can never be close enough to her. It's a very hard feeling to explain. I've just never known such a good person.

Anyway, I hope that eventually I can get a Chile relief support button like I have for Haiti. It is IMPERATIVE that we keep both countries in our thoughts and we get back into the roll of helping as much as we can. It's time for the world to come together, I want to see you with me.

Tomorrow I have a tiny plan for the blog that I think will spark some interested. I'll see you then..


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