Saturday, February 20, 2010


This just in: I make terrible decisions when I drink. Oh well. I'm over it enough to go out again tonight. I'm unstoppable!

Anywho, last night my niece's dad and his girlfriend came and picked me up and we went to watch his girlfriend's sister's band play at US12. Big shocker, right? Faith was at US12...AGAIN. I swear that place and Stockdale's are my homes away from home on the weekends. Anyway, I drank a lot of Jagerbombs and Bud Lights, which probably wasn't a good idea seeing as if you drink on Zantac it increases your blood alcohol lever significantly. I was probably good to go after the fourth Jagerbomb but for some reason ended up doing shots of Soco Lime. I felt like I was in a Brand New music video. It was awesome, until I realized I was waaaaasted. The bad thing about being so wasted and closing down Stockdale's was that I had to pick up my niece and her friends from a church lock-in at 6am.

So, I made it home and to sleep by 3am, and woke up at 5:30am to the phone ringing. It was Hannah telling me that her friend's mom was going to pick them up. I swear, Jesus really does love me. I felt okay to drive and get her but I can almost guarantee that if I had actually got pulled over I would have went to jail. So thank God for being a Free Bird.

Today I didn't do much. I stopped in at the office for a second to make cards for cancer patients and then went to JC Penny with Holly, our Aunt Kathy and Autumn to look for Autumn's first communion dress. We failed at that. Then we all came home and have basically been chilling out.

Now I'm going to eat some Chef Boyardee and get in the shower. What goes on tonight? I do not know! Only time will tell!

Until tomorrow..


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