Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Oh my Lord,

I am SO happy today is almost over. It has seriously been such a long day, I'm completely ready to crash but of course I have things I have to talk about first. Issue number one is RUDE PEOPLE!

Today I had to show an apartment to these girls who came into the complex. So I take them down there and start showing them all the amazing closet space and the patio and such and the entire time they are either rolling their eyes at me or snickering at whatever I was say. It was seriously pissing me off. I mean, these are really nice townhomes. It's not like I was showing them some piece of crap trying to swindle a deal. Obviously they loved it since they filled out an application to try and get approved. The kicker is that they were all younger than me, dressed like dirty scrubs, and one of them had a baby that she left in the car while she was looking at the apartment and filling out her app. I am being so literal when I say baby. He was probably only 10 months old. HOW are you going to be a rude little bitch AND leave your poor baby in your beat up van in downtown Ypsilanti? I fucking hate people sometimes, I swear.

So along with hating assholes, I've also decided that I hate refrigerators that don't work. We've had all the contents of our fridge sitting on the back porch for a few days now. Which was just fantastic when it down poured a butt load of nasty snow last night. Whatever. I'm in a terrible mood, I should probably just go to sleep and stop bitching about people every single day.

That's all I've got, hopefully tomorrow is a better day.


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