Thursday, February 18, 2010

Willy the Wizard!!!!!!!!!

I have absolutely nothing to say. I've been racking my brain for hours trying to come up with something good to write about. All that came from that was me sleeping sitting up for four hours - in the middle of the day. I thought that if I stopped taking my elixir I might be able to stay away during the day today. Not a chance, not taking it actually made me sleep longer! I think it's probably a mix of medicine, loneliness, and boredom. I seriously need to go on a date. This is getting ridiculous.I'm going to stop waiting for people to ask and start being in charge and tell guys what's going on. Ha.

So anyway, what goes on with this Adrian Jacob's dude? He died over 10 years ago and his estate is claiming that J.K Rowling stole his idea of "Willy the Wizard" and made it into Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Apparently in 1987 Jacobs showed Bloosbury his Willy and now his family is trying to say that Rowling ripped him off, four years after the last Harry Potter book came out. Now let me just say that I can see how this would be logical, she CLEARLY ripped off the Specters in Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' and made them into Dementors. Though I haven't actually read Lord of the Rings, I hear that there are a lot of similarities in those two also. Gandalf, Dumbledore? Google search them both, they're basically long lost brothers. I also am aware that being a writer is difficult, it is almost impossible to be a reader AND a writer and not accidentally rip off someone's story. Things get caught in your brain and you may say something, thinking that it's completely new and witty, when really someone said it to you last month. It happens. JKR is saying that she never read that Willy book, and I believe her, but even if she did read it, I wouldn't hate her for it. SHIT HAPPENS. Sometimes we accidentally seal people's material. It's part of life, get over it and stop whining.

So here is my open letter to Paul Allen (the executor of Adrian Jacob's estate.)

Dear Mr.Allen,

GET OVER IT. You're not going to get a single cent out of Jo Rowling. Perhaps she did steal Mr. Jacob's Willy story. But the chances are high that she didn't. Why do you think that Bloomsbury would have passed up that story YEARS before JK Rowling came to them with it, and then published hers? If it's the same story, OBVIOUSLY they would have published it when it came to them in the first place, nearly 10 years earlier. You're not going to win this battle, please stop making a fool of yourself and let poor Mr. Jacobs rest in peace.

Thank You,

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