Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go Colts!

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I've made it to my one month part.

This is probably the most committed I've ever been in my entire life. I'm so proud of myself! I wish I was more enthusiastic about writing today. I had to attend a funeral showing for my Grammy's neighbor today. We've all know him for years so it was pretty hard on Grammy, plus it's her birthday. Also PMS is kicking my ass, so I've popped lots of Motrin and am now trying the one beer numbing treatment. It's kind of working so I think I'll be able to manage, not sure if managing means taking a nap by half time or not though.

We have a few people over and made way more food than is necessary. I can guarantee we'll be eating left overs for days and days. The funny thing is I don't think anyone who is here really cares a whole lot about football. We're all just interested in eating and commercials. I'm rooting for the Colts, just so I have someone to root for. I basically flipped a coin to decide who I wanted to win. I honestly don't even care.

Last night Katelynn and Hilary came over and they took me on a date to see Dear John. The entire time Hilary was mutter things like "This is bullshit, assholes!" Apparently they changed around the book so much and Hilary was pretty ticked off about it. I do know how the book ends and even though it's not the traditional happy ending I would have probably liked the movie a lot more if they had stuck to the book. Oh well though, movie producers can't keep everyone happy.

On that note, the game is going to a commercial so I had better hop off here and go watch them, and probably eat some more food. Wish me a Happy One Month Anniversary!

I'll see you later then...


P.S Kudos if you know where my closing line is from.

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  1. dear john for the win..on your closing line :P