Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back So Soon?

Hey hey,

I seem to have made it home in one piece, though a little earlier than I expected.

We were wavering as to whether we wanted to come home today or not but in the end we decided it was probably the best thing to do.

Overall it was nice to spend time with my family, even if Angie did get way too drunk, and Ollie pulled a grand theft auto and crashed Joe's truck into a tree stump.

We didn't end up on the river at all because of a series of unfortunate events but that's all right. It's not even that serious.

I'd like to say everything turned out better than expected but that would be a lie. I'm a little bit disappointed but I guess that's my own fault. On the plus side we did end up getting home in time to take a dip in Brad's pool and eat dinner with them.

For the rest of the night Katelynn and I are going to watch movies and tomorrow we're going to head back over to Brad's because he's having a little Memorial Day bbq. Should be a good time.

See ya then!

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