Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Today mostly consisted of chaos. Lots of running around, driving in the heat and just being on the go. I've finally been able to sit down, though I still haven't figured out a way to beat the heat.

I need to basically take off all my clothes, because it's really hot in here. Especially because Lee DeWyze is on my TV singing Everybody Knows. That man is so beautiful, and he is the only Idol that I've liked from the beginning of the show, that ended up making it to the finale. So figure, this will probably be the last year I watch American Idol anyway. I'll miss Simon. X Factor is where it's at.

Anyway, at this point I don't even care if he wins or not. Crystal is cool, and she's from Toledo, so I have to support her but I don't think she'll be really popular and make it far. I can see Lee's fine self making a pretty big impact on the music industry. I hope so anyway.

So yeah, I'm gonna go and watch this show, and bring this hot, busy day to a close.

See ya tomorrow,

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