Wednesday, May 12, 2010

School Librarians


Today I woke up to a million messages from Angie begging me to bring her the Starbuck's double shots I accidentally took home, so once Autumn was off to school I packed them up, went to the library, caught up on some reading, and went to Angie's caffeinated rescue.

I sat around the office for a while listening to her sing and be weird, took her to the store, over caffeinated myself, threw up a little, and came home.

The girls had a half day at school today, so they were home shortly after, with friends and pizza, and it started to get a little bit annoying. So I decided to take Autumn and sneak off to the only sanctuary that I know, the Whittacker Road Library - again.

I let Autumn get a couple books, and she told me how her librarian at school wouldn't let her check out books that were above her grade's reading level. She's in second grade and would rather be reading books that have chapters and are a little higher level than the books the kids in her class are reading. This REALLY infuriated me, and I'm honestly considering calling her school. That librarian obviously does not know my niece and doesn't understand that she CAN read AND understand books that are made for at least 4th graders. I don't get why that librarian thinks she has the authority to tell kids what they are and are not allowed to read. I think that if a child wants to try and read something that is a little bit out of their league (and in Autumn's case, it's not) then NO CARING LIBRARIAN should tell them that they can't at least try. That goes against everything that I have ever known, telling a child that they CAN'T do something that would be productive to their learning.

So, after my irritated little fit I had, we came home, watched the teenagers leave one by one, and waited for Autumn's dad to come get her. I feel weird that she's not going to be spending the night with me tonight. I'm not sure what I'm going to do not having her kick me in the head and hog the entire king sized bed haha.

For now, I just woke up from a nap, and I'm making Hannah dinner that she probably won't eat and just hanging around.

Tomorrow I have no plans yet, but hopefully something good will happen.

Until then..

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