Thursday, May 13, 2010



Today has been very, very, very frustrating. I love these girls to death and they have been little angels all week long but today they must have had piss in their cereal or something. It's driving me insane, and they haven't stopped yelling at each other since 3pm.

That is pretty much my day in a nut shell. We just got done with dinner and now Autumn and I are in the process of working on some things outside. We've added water to the hot tub, weeded the garden, picked up trash and I think that we're just going to hop in the hot tub now. I need a bloody mary, and nothing goes better with one than a dip. I don't know if it's a mixture of the girls arguing, not having any coffee today, and the carpet cleaner but I feel so sick, and my head hurts so much so I'm hoping that the bloody mary is going to help.

Oh! I forgot, yesterday after I posted I looked around the house and realized that Macie wasn't sitting by my like she normally was. I called all around, and went outside to find the gate unlatched. So I woke up Hannah and we roamed the neighborhood with Matt and Travis trying to find her until some guy told us a woman named Linda had her and was looking for her owners. So we started knocking on all the doors until eventually - two hours later - heard Travis yelling Macie's name and she asked if Macie was the chocolate lab. So we got her back. Apparently when we knocked on her door she was at the vet with Moose trying to see if she had a microchip locator.

I'm just glad she's back. It was really stressful.

Right now, I hear that bloody mary and the hot tub calling me. Two more days until Holly is home! Hurray!

See you tomorrow!

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