Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today started out fantastic aside from the fact that I was feeling a little bit crappy when I woke up. Everything else just seemed perfect.

I decided to throw on my bathing suite and lay in the sun for a couple hours at around noon. Once I was doing that for about an hour I decided that I wanted to day drink. I mixed up some fruit punch and passion fruit Smirnoff. It was an unusual day drink choice for me, because I'm usually a bloody mary drinker when I'm working on a day buzz. But I had this the last time i was with Katelynn, and it sounded pretty good again.

So after about my second drink I decided to get up to get a refill, what I didn't notice was my elderly neighbors and their hot son tinkering around in their backyard. What I also didn't notice was my boobies flopping out of my top. But of COURSE they noticed, nips and all. I flashed the neighbors. Traumatizing.

I should have noticed then that my day was going down hill, but of course, I didn't. That's when I fell the sun. When I woke up Hannah was home and we chatted for a while before Autumn got home.

After that something happened that I'm not really comfortable writing about, but it's making me nervous and scared and I'm feeling a little bit helpless.

Right now I'm just trying to shake off the day buzz so I can see clearly and feed children.

Wish me luck, for a while.

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