Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Why, hello there day 140.

It's basically been the most beautiful week of my life. The weather has been perfect, I haven't felt depressed, and in two days I get to finally be on vacation with basically all of my family and friends, okay friend. I only have one.

On top of all of this, there is this single dad scientist guy who lives down the road from me. He introduced himself and his son a month after I moved in here on Halloween of 2008. I've kind of been feening after him ever since. Since that fateful October day, we haven't spoken a word to each other because we're basically never in the same spot. I can usually see him, but he can't see me. Wow, that sounded creepy. Anyway, that changed yesterday. Autumn was catching caterpillars and I walked outside to try and convince her to let them go and as I was doing this he walked by with a BABY in his arms and joined our conversation about caterpillars. I never asked him where the hell the baby came from, because I wasn't prepared to get my heart broken but it was a lovely conversation.

So then this morning I was walking Autumn to her bus stop and we have to walk right by his house to get there, and he came outside to get into his car, and he waved hello and told me good morning. Which NEVER happens. That dude is never outside in the morning. So, naturally I am convinced he has a crush on me.

Good times.

But yeah, after today I'll blog tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, but I can't promise a Sunday post. I will however promise a Monday post - no, two Monday post to make up for Sunday.

I don't even feel badly about it either because I'm going to be in PARADISE.

Be very jealous,

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