Monday, May 10, 2010



Not a whole lot is going on today. I started my search for an espresso machine and took Ang to the grocery store again. Now I'm sitting here staring at the dishes that teenagers love to leave around the computer and looking up YouTube clips of Spencer Pratt having conniption fits. I saw one of him last night freaking out on The Soup and it's been my mission all day to watch him freak out some more. I've never watched The Hills before but I always knew he was pretty douchey and seeing him act like this so often has only increased my love for his douchebaggery. He's such a complete tool and I honestly love nothing more than to see him freak out.

For the rest of the day the only plans I have are to make dinner, clean up a bit and make Hannah watch The Whackness with me. I totally have a tiny crush on Josh Peck. He's ridiculously good looking. I'm so happy he's not a fat kid anymore.

Yeah, I'm a little douchey myself.

So anyway, tomorrow, I job hunt again and take Autumn to the library. Hopefully it's more exciting than today. I miss my sister, I'm definitely ready for her to be home.

See ya tomorrow,

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