Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, I Wasn't Expecting That...


and for some wacky reason I am wearing pants. In my defense, I wasn't wearing pants earlier. But I have to go get Autumn and it's definitely laundry day. So there is no way for me to not wear pants.

So here I sit, in the heat, with hot men with no shirts on swarming at my neighbors house, redoing her roof....and I am wearing pants. It's a disgrace.

Anyway, aside from the heat and pants wearing, today as bit a bit crazy. There has been this whole big thing where Katelynn maybe might not being able to come on Memorial Day Vacay with us because she works with a bunch of whores. It should be fine, I think everything will work out in her favor and we will be floating down the river with a cooler in between us in no time. If it doesn't work out in her favor, well I'll just be devastated and probably not want to go anymore. I want to see all my family and friends but at the same time it would suck without her. So, keep your fingers crossed.


Just took a break from this blog and Katelynn told me she quit because her boss really is a whore (She worded it differently.) So I guess it all worked out in her favor? Hahah So uhhhh, I guess score!!

Well, yeah I have to go now and get Autumn. I've been a procrastinator!

I'll be back tomorrow,

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