Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back History

Good morning World!

I have good news! The sun is out today, it's not quite warm yet, but there is sunshine and that's good enough for me! The sun really does put me in a great mood. I feel like dancing and smiling and running around outside. All of which I will eventually do today, I just have more important things to take care of first!

I've had two things totally stressing me out the last few days. Firstly, no one can figure out how to get my taxes sent in which leaves me broke, completely. Being broke is stressing me out because, like I mentioned yesterday, my birthday is soon and I have to get my license updated, add that on top of the fact that Sunday is Godson #2's first birthday. So not only do I not have money to give to the Secretary of State, I don't have money to give to my Godson. I'm a horrible godparent. I can't wait until the day comes that I'm not the equivalent of a starving artist minus the artistic ability. I like doing things for people too much to be broke, not to mention it's nice when bills get paid. Ya dig?

Anyway, I'm being tempted to break the law today. It's nothing serious so let me explain. There was a family who lived in my house called The Parshall Family. They were the second to last family to live here before we did. It consisted of three daughters, a mother,Cheryl and a father, Kirby. On June 2nd of 1998 Cheryl passed away in the house because of a heart problem. It was pretty sudden and I can only imagine the pain that Kirby and the girls went through. I believe it was shortly after her death that they moved away and The Holland family bought the house.

I know all of this because over the summer Holly was having issues sleeping, and so we just decided to look into the history of the house. The only back ground we got into though was the Parshall family's. I don't know why we never bothered to check up on the Holland family, but after my dad's death here it makes me wonder if they also had someone they love pass away in the house. Don't get me wrong, I love this house. I love the location and every tiny thing about it. I've never been happier anywhere else in my entire life. I'm not saying that I feel like the house is haunted or anything, I'm just wondering if there was such a coincidence between every family who's lived here. Anyway, back to my point. Cheryl is dead and we've lived here for 18 months and if we didn't look at the deed and check into it, we wouldn't have known anything about her or her family. Unlike with the Holland family, who's mail we get basically every single day, we never get mail for The Parshalls. That is, until yesterday. There was a letter addressed to her and it says "DO NOT BEND" on it. It's very official looking, and I'm dying to know what it is. It's eating away at me.

Of course I know that I'll end up writing "Deceased" on it and send it back in the mailbox, but I just can't help but wonder why after all these months, only now are we getting letters for Cheryl. I don't know, maybe I'm being illogical to want to open it so much. I'm just so curious, but I guess curiosity did kill the cat..

What do you all thing? Have I lost it? I just like knowing things about her, I know that she was a nurse, and that she played the cello. I know that she loved the kitchen and the basement in this house and that she really loved her girls. Is it so wrong that I want to know more? I think to ease my curiosity I'm going to look into the Holland family and check out their dirty little secrets....

We'll see how that goes.

Until tomorrow,

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