Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here's to you Mr. Robertson.

Today started off okay. Autumn has an ear infection so we stayed home together, watched a few movies and did some light cleaning around the house. By that time the Art Van guys were here to take away the couch they ripped last time and bring us a new one. That was quite a treat seeing as they were both ridiculously good looking and were both dishing out the compliments. Needless to say I was eating that up.

After they left I checked some tweets, only to find out that the Tiger's traded Nate Robertson to the Florida Marlins for Jay Voss. Seriously, I shed a tear or two I was so pissed off about it. HOW are they going to take my Tiger away from me? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

After I found this out I decided I needed to go outside. So I opened the garage and stared into it for 15 minutes before I decided to pull out all of the patio furniture and the hammock. I spend the next three hours of my life assembling furniture, picking up dog shit, sweeping the deck, and so on. That kept my mind off my little Nate Robertson tragedy pretty well, and honestly it hasn't bugged me too much since. Once the furniture business was over I went to the store and came home to something that really is irritating me. It's been a long time since I was that girl who let people's opinions and actions bother me, but here I am. That girl tonight, speechless and bottled once again.

I wish I could say what I really wanted to say but that'll have to wait a couple days. The whole situation is completely ridiculous. I don't even understand the male species anymore. I'm basically just a pawn in all of their little games, shocking. Even the nice ones are starting to be weirdos, even more shocking. Why didn't God make me a lesbian?

Hah, on a side note, wouldn't it be hilarious if I went to confession and when Father Tom asked me what I wanted to confess I said "Well father, I'm angry with God." and he would say "Why are you angry with God, my child?" and I would say "He didn't make me a lesbian and nice men don't exist anymore. I'm destine to be alone forever because of his mistake." Hahahaha. I can't even imagine what he would say, but considering the looks he gives me when I'm there on Monday evenings, I can guess it wouldn't be comforting or even nice. I wonder if he senses all the doubts going through my wheels in motion mind? Probably. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm going to try and be in a happy mood and not let douche bags get to me. I'll just sit around and focus on my made up men that whisper sweet nothings in my ear that are actually ridiculous jokes and stupid comments. That's the best kind of romance...

Yes, I do need a therapist. Shut your face.

See you tomorrow!

P.S -

I really will miss Nate. I love that man, and he will no longer be living 10 minutes away from me. It makes so, so bummed out.

And so it is, he's no longer a Tiger.
Goodbye Nate.

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