Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Life......As Faith.

I like children. Most of the time.Today, I am not so sure. All I have to say is "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Anyway, now that I've got that out of my system I want to talk about "My Life as Liz." I don't really know about this show. It's so odd and I think it might be trying to pass it self off as a Laugna Beach type of thing. Sometimes the situations seem like they could be real but then there are moments when it's clearly scripted and acted out. The main mean girl Cori is absolutely ridiculous. I honestly can't imagine anyone in the world actually being that much of an asshole. MTV definitely wants these people to see genuine but the funny thing to me is that they all have Twitter accounts and no one but Sully and the previously mentioned Cori girl seems to act like they did on the show. She definitely is a huge bitch on Twitter but I bet someone is telling her to do that.

I read this blog earlier from someone who says they went to school with these people and was there during the filming and that a lot of things are definitely staged. They also said that Liz was never an outcast like she's claiming, which I can totally believe because a girl like her in my school would have just hung out with me and my friends, and none of us were outcast. The only thing I didn't necessarily buy from the blog I read was the fact that Liz was/is a hardcore drug addict. I've grown up around drug addicts and I know what almost every drug would make you act like, and she doesn't seem like she's on any drugs at all.

I don't know, does anyone watch the show? What do ya'll think about it? Is Liz a drug addict or an outcast? Neither?

I'd say neither.

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